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We have many services that we offer Slate schools which span every module and functionality that Slate offers. Contact us to get a quote when you are ready and we can help get you up and running!

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We work with small private schools all the way up through large public schools. We value higher education and want to help schools find efficient ways to recruit new students using technology and innovation.

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Be a better Slate Scholar
Be a better Slate Scholar

What is Slate Scholar? Technolutions created an extremely useful tool in Slate called “Slate Scholars”. It allows you to contextually access help depending on what page you’re on in Slate by simply clicking on the light bulb in the top left. Technolutions adds all documentation, Slate TV episodes, and community forum articles to Scholar soRead more

Consolidate records in Technolutions Slate: Why can't you just STAY SAVED?

Duplicate records. The bane of every system-related employee in higher education. I feel like Mr. Incredible when mopping up potential duplicate records every Monday – ‘Why can’t you all just STAY MERGED!?’ I just had the database pristine on Friday! Here, take a look – enjoy this with me: Ahhh, my blood pressure is alreadyRead more

5 things everyone should do at the Technolutions Slate Innovation summit

With the weather finally turning nice in parts of the US, the Slate Innovation Summit is coming up in a few months so we thought we’d put out a quick guide of things to do at the conference. Here’s our best attempt at a buzzfeed top 5 list.   5.5 – Slate Innovation Summit BaseRead more

SK Consulting opens it’s doors to Higher Education

We’re proud to announce SK Consulting is open for business! We offer a variety of services for the higher education enrollment industry capped off with our extensive experience and knowledge of Technolutions Slate. Whether you need help with an implementation of Slate, Application setup, status pages, portals, personalized external microsites, communication flow strategy, rules andRead more

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